One-stop boring and drilling services in Perth

From smaller domestic jobs to larger commercial projects, Bores R Us is recognised as a leading provider of boring and drilling services South of the river. Specialising in domestic work, owner-operator Bruce McQuade services throughout Perth and the hills and can also lend a helping hand for all commercial work. Operating his own drill rig, you can expect personal service, from the moment you call Bruce to when he comes and personally drills the hole. He has the hands-on expertise and modern equipment to ensure all boring and drilling services are completed correctly, on time and within budget. Offering competitive rates and free quotes, call Bruce in Perth today to get started.

Reliable hands-on services

You can rely on Bruce for no-fuss, cost-effective boring and drilling services with quick turnaround. Taking a dedicated approach for jobs both big and small, he can come to you in Perth and the hills for:

  • Boring and drilling work
  • Bores and reticulation pump repairs
  • Domestic and commercial work
  • Earthing – installation of earth rods for power companies

Owner-operated local business

The company is family owned and operated by Bruce McQuade, who has more than 12 years industry experience. You can rest assured that Bruce quotes the job and drills the job. Unlike many other companies he has his own drill rig, allowing him to provide the boring and drilling services his clients require, no matter where they are in Perth, whether in the hills or South of the river.